What’s happened so far?


  • September 2016

Our Humble Beginnings

Warndon Parish Council was becoming increasingly concerned about some of the unplanned developments within the parish. After considering the pros and cons of creating a Neighbourhood Plan, it was decided to seek the views of residents. This article was published in the parish Newsletter, in Autumn 2016.


  • November 2016

Designated Neighbourhood Area

Worcester City Council designated the parish as a “neighbourhood area” – thus enabling the parish council to go ahead with a Neighbourhood Plan.


  • February 2017

Spreading The Word

As a result of the positive feedback from residents to the Autumn Newsletter, Warndon Parish Council took formally decided to go ahead with a Neighbourhood Plan. A flyer was sent to all households, to invite residents to a public meeting, to be held on March 1st, 2017.


  • March 2017

The Presentation

The public meeting was attended by over 70 people, many of whom volunteered to help to produce the Neighbourhood Plan. A presentation was given, explaining the Neighbourhood Plan process, etc.


  • May 2017

Call To Arms

Following the public meeting, the Parish Council sought volunteers for a Steering Committee. The Membership of the Steering Group was agreed, and the group met for the first time.


  • Summer 2017

To The Library

One of the first tasks for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee (NPSC) was to gather information. This included historic information about the development of the parish – both ancient and modern. It also included an examination of the policies of the South Worcestershire Development Plan. The City Council provided access to archive documents held at the Guildhall, as well as access to other relevant information, including a definitive map of the parish.


  • Autumn 2017

The Findings

Initial analysis of some of the documents indicated some issues worth examining in further detail. This included the Warndon Local Plan (1988) which set out how the parish was be developed over the following 15 years. The Plan covered both the “Warndon Villages” residential areas and the Business Parks, to the north of Berkeley Way, as well as the roads and other infrastructure. Thus it is an important document, when considering the parish as a whole.


  • Winter 2017

The Plan

Work started towards a questionnaire / survey of residents. Meanwhile, some of the information gathered and analysed proved useful to the parish council in its responses to the Warndon 6 proposal, and the Trotshill and Warndon Court Conservation Area Appraisals.


  • May 2018

Public Update

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee gave a presentation to the public. Slides can be found here.


  • October 2018

Survey distributed

A survey was distributed to houses in Warndon Villages, as well as made available online. A copy of the survey can be seen here.


  • January 2019

Survey results analysis

A summary analysis of the results was compiled and can be found here.


  • May 2019

Public Update

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee gave a presentation to the public. Slides can be found here.


  • Spring / Summer / Autumn 2019

Green Space Audits

Volunteers mapped, photographed and assessed a large number “Green Spaces” within the parish, to assess whether it would be appropriate to propose them for “Local Green Space” designation – which would provide a higher degree of protection against inappropriate development.


  • Summer 2019

Business Questionnaire – 1

A Business Questionnaire was prepared and can be found here.


  • October 2019

Business Questionnaire – 2

The finalised Business Questionnaire was delivered to all business premises in the parish.


  • January 2020

Business Questionnaire – 3

A summary of the Business Questionnaire results analysis can be found here.


  • January/Febuary 2020

Background Papers / Draft Policies – 1

Work well under way producing the background papers and draft policies, in conjunction with our Planning consultants.


  • March 2020

Impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic halts face to face meetings, so the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee holds online meetings. Planning consultant’s employees are furloughed.


  • April/May 2020

Background Papers / Draft Policies – 2

Background papers and draft policies subject to detailed scrutiny.


  • 10th May 2021

Formal 6-week consultation period starts

Full documents online at https://consultations.rcaregeneration.co.uk/warndon-neighbourhood-plan-21.


  • 21st June 2021

Consultation period ends