Warndon Parish Council is a “statutory consultee” in the planning process. This means that the local planning authority (Worcester City Council) must consult the Parish Council on all planning applications within the parish and are normally given 21 days to comment. Worcester City Council is obliged to consider the comments made by the Parish Council, but it is not obliged to determine the application in accordance with those views.

In summary, a local planning authority has in most cases a maximum of eight weeks from the date an application is submitted to determine the application (unless an extension of time is agreed). If the local planning authority refuse planning permission or impose conditions which an applicant does not agree with, they have the right to appeal to the Secretary of State.

The local planning authority cannot refuse an application unless it can put forward good reasons that could be supported at appeal. If it acts unreasonably (e.g. cannot support its case at appeal) then it may have to pay costs.

Warndon Parish Council has a Planning Committee made up of 4 councillors.

If a planning application has been submitted, properties with land adjoining the application site will normally be consulted for their views. For information on the planning process, or if you would like to comment on a planning application, please use the link provided.