Warndon Parish Council has had it’s own allotments site since 2013.  The site is located at the Mabbs Orchard Estate and is accessed through Mabbs Close.  The original site contained 14 full size plots although the vast majority of these are let as HALF PLOTS.  After having a very large waiting list the Council decided to extend the original site by putting a bridge over the large drainage gulley and utilising part of the field to the north of the original site.  This area has been fenced off and was opened in April 2018.

We currently have 26 Full Size plots which are mostly let as half plots.  The Council has recently agreed to let Quarter Plots as well as Half Plots to encourage people who can’t manage larger plots to get involved.

There is a current Waiting List but if you fancy the challenge get in touch.  If you should require any further information please contact us by e-mail at

May 2019


Warndon Parish Council are proud to provide and regularly maintain 3 defibrillator units sited in key locations around the Parish. These were originally installed in 2017 and are currently located outside the Lyppard Hub and the Tesco Express on Brindley Road. A third defibrillator has recently been relocated at the entrance to Haines Avenue on the left-hand side. Theses units are regularly checked and maintained by the Parish Council.

In 2019, they were accepted to join the National Defibrillator Network known as ‘The Circuit’ which is operated by the British Heart Foundation and are now an integral part of life saving equipment in an emergency through 999/112 and the West Midlands Ambulance Service. ‘The Circuit’ is currently, an in-house register for use primarily by the emergency services, however this is shortly expected to become a publicly accessible interactive map of all registered defibrillators.

It is worthwhile spending some time to consider where your nearest defibrillator is to your house, your place of work and any venues you visit regularly.

February 202

Lyppard Hub

Defibrillator - Outside Tesco Express on Brindley Road

Tesco Express

Speed Detection Machine

The Council has a speed detection machine (VAS) which is moved around the various feeder roads each month.

This machine has helped reduce average speeds considerably although there is still much to be done.  The Council recently agreed to purchase a further machine which is solar panel driven and will be position at the A4440 end of Plantation Drive along with the new Villages Gateways.

Unfortunately the project has been delayed due to plans by the County Council to install a footpath on one side of the road and a pedway on the other.  The positioning of the gates and speed machine are therefore in question until the County Council finalise their plans.

It now looks as if this will be delayed until 2020.

November 2019