Warndon Parish Council views environmental matters seriously, both within our boundaries and those that impact from outside, including taking account of the Worcester City Council’s aspirations to reduce carbon emissions, the climate change issues and their impact on the wide range of biodiversity we are fortunate to have in our area.

We wish to work with other groups collaboratively and to keep parish members up to date with news and developments, hence setting up this section of our website.

You will find below two organisations who are actively involved in projects in this parish and who are always looking for new people to help them.



The Worcester Environmental Group (WEG) is a volunteer organisation and are working on several projects in Worcester. These include their first native wildflower verge in Warndon Villages, restoring and converting some green spaces to traditional wildflower meadows, taking care of community orchards, working with Oasis Warndon Community Hub Garden, making space for nature in our gardens project, and collaborating with Worcester Canal Group to create a wildlife corridor for people and wildlife. The group are proposing to establish a way-marked route around Worcester, part of which runs through Warndon parish, helping residents to explore green spaces in the city, learn about nature and to improve their physical and mental health.

Their mission is to:

  • Protect and enhance the biodiversity of Worcester.
  • Educate the residents of Worcester about bio diversity in their area.
  • Improve the wellbeing of residents by creating more opportunities to connect with their local environment.

Their vision is for the city to become a great place for residents and nature to thrive.

If you wish to get involved find out more by contacting Paul Snookes


Website : https://www.theweg.org.uk/

phone: 07742 111239