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Warndon SNT – Mobile Phone security advice

Mobile Phone advice.

Things to do now, that will help if your phone gets stolen

  • Secure your phone -Use your phone’s security features to stop someone using your phone if it’s stolen.
  • Choose a strong PIN, passcode, password or pattern.
  • Get your phone’s IMEI number by typing *#06# on your phone keypad. Keep a note of it somewhere other than on your phone. The IMEI can help track the phone down if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Set up a tracking app on your phone so you can see where it is from another device like a laptop. Use it as soon as possible, before thieves have a chance to disable it.
  • Turn off message previews, so that thieves won’t see any messages about reset or login codes when your phone is locked.

Make sure:

  • your phone data is regularly being backed up, either automatically over wifi or by plugging it into a computer
  • there’s somewhere else you can get access codes sent to (two-factor authentication codes) to access your data from another device
  • you keep important information like family and friends’ phone numbers and passwords somewhere else secure, not just on your phone.