Warndon Parish Residents Food Drive

Dear friends and neighbours,

Let’s keep the community spirit of “clap for carers” alive in Warndon Parish!

The COVID-19 pandemic is making life much harder for people across our city on low income and in need of help. It is really important that we work together as a community during these uncertain times to support people in hardship.

A new community initiative is underway, led and managed by local volunteer residents, to help support Worcester Foodbank.

This campaign will continue for the foreseeable future; we hope it will spread across Worcester, so the Foodbank can continue its vital work as the economic impact of the pandemic hits.

Three easy ways you can help:

1. Give money online to the Foodbank. This will help them replenish stock when running low on specific items

https://worcester.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-money/ (for one-off or regular giving)

Alternative websites to give money:



2. Send a supermarket gift card, which Foodbank staff can use to buy priority supplies from any of the main supermarket chains.

3. Donate any of the items on the Foodbank’s shopping list – see below – also: https://worcester.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-food/

Giving items? Please put them on your doorstep 8pm every Thursday. Your donated items will be collected promptly and taken the next morning to Worcester Foodbank by your local collector.

Please only give what you can spare and from what you buy during your normal shopping trips.

Street Collection Champions Wanted! Please see Warndon Parish Residents Food Drive on Facebook and the Warndon Parish Council Facebook pages, to see how you can help.

Worcester Foodbank urgently needs:

> Supermarket gift cards
> Washing up liquid
> Deodorant (male & female)
> Shampoo (male & female)
> Small washing powder
> Crackers
> Herbs & spices
> Tomato puree
> Cooking oil
> Sponge puddings
> Peanut butter
> Salt
> Black Pepper
> Red & Brown Sauces
> Large decaf coffee
(needed by St Paul’s Hostel for their residents)

Please note our primary focus is on helping Worcester Foodbank: Please check regularly how best to help, as their priority items may change over time.

Collected items that are not needed or accepted by Worcester Foodbank may be donated to another relevant charity.

If you know other local welfare organisations that deserve support, please let us know? You can always leave a note for your street collection champion.

Keep in touch and stay updated:
Warndon Parish Residents Food Drive (on Facebook)
Worcester Foodbank website https://worcester.foodbank.org.uk

Disclaimer: This is a community initiative, led and managed by volunteer local residents. The cost of printing the leaflets were paid by Warndon Parish Council, who accept no liability for any accident or misconduct associated with this initiative. Volunteers take part at their own risk and responsibility.