Warndon Parish Neighbourhood Draft Plan – Public Consultation

Following 4 years of hard work, Warndon Parish Neighbourhood Draft Plan is now subject to an official 6-week public consultation stage. The summary of the draft plan sets out the key issues for Warndon Parish over the next ten years and the proposed policies.

A Neighbourhood Plan helps to shape development of our Parish – it is by far the strongest way for locals to have their views put forward and enshrined in local Planning Policy, as it will sit alongside the South Worcestershire Development Plan (currently under review).

During week commencing 10th May all households in the Parish will be receiving a paper copy of the consultation document, inside there will be a detachable Questionnaire to complete. Once completed this can be dropped off to the ‘Neighbourhood Plan Letterboxes’ which can found at either the Lyppard Hub or Tesco (Millwood Drive), or alternatively it can be completed online by following the link                                          

A full version of the draft plan including a number of maps, together with the supporting evidence based documents will also be available to view via the above link.

The consultation period will run from 10th May to 21st June 2021.