Responsible Waste Disposal

SOMETHING TO CONSIDER…. particularly important in the current circumstances with the waste recycling centres being closed.
1. Never accept unsolicited offers to have garden, household or construction waste taken away.
2. Expect to pay a reasonable fee – the fees that legitimate waste carriers have to pay to dispose of waste are not cheap. An unusually low quote should be treated with suspicion.
3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – you have a duty of care to take reasonable steps to prevent someone else dumping your waste unlawfully.
4. Ask for details of their waste carrier registration, a legitimate, professional waste carrier should not object to being asked reasonable questions.
5. You can check if they are registered waste carriers by searching online, the Environment Agency’s public register of waste carriers or by calling 03708 506 506.
6. Record the vehicle registration numbers of any vehicle used by a private waste carrier to take your waste away. The waste carrier may be less likely to illegally dump your waste if he is aware that his vehicle registration and details have been recorded and that he can be traced.
7. Ask for a proper invoice and receipt. Never pay cash. A legitimate waste carrier will be happy to accept card payments.