proposed cabinet position

Proposed new fibre internet cabinet at entrance of Hoskyns Avenue

Warndon Parish Council has recently been advised of a proposal to install a new FTTP fibre broadband cabinet at the entrance of Hoskyns Avenue, beside the southern pavement near the junction with Woodgreen Drive. Please see images of location and approximate size.

proposed cabinet position

This is not a typical “pre-planning application” consultation; the installer plans to apply for a “street works permit” end May. The installer wishes to avoid complications, arising from unforeseen issues, by consulting local stakeholders. Technically, they do not need consent from the Parish Council or local residents, but they want to avoid any costs or delays that could be prevented via a pre-start consultation with local stakeholders. Feedback from us by 24th May is desired.

This proposed cabinet is part of the Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) rollout, which will bring much faster broadband speed to residents. Residents will then have alternatives to BT for fast broadband (typically 3 additional Internet Service Providers: including the likes of Vodafone, Plusnet and TalkTalk).

This main cabinet will feed a network of 500-home sub-cabinets (details of these to follow) serving 5000 homes in total, most of which will be in Warndon Parish. It should be operational by Sept 2021. Additional main cabinet sites are planned for end 2021 in London Road (by Waitrose), Newtown Road and near Homestead Avenue. The installer advises that significant effort has been made to determine the most efficient cabinet locations and that less digging will be required to install network to homes than in past years, as they can now make use of existing BT Openreach infrastructure, rather than having to overbuild.

The default colour for these cabinets is grey (RAL 7038) but a dark green colour may be possible if that would not cause technical problems such as overheating in summer. One colour only (not two-tone) is offered.

If you know of a compelling reason why this main cabinet should not be installed here, outweighing the advantages of greater choice of faster broadband internet access for the Parish, please contact Warndon Parish Council advising your reasons.