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Police in Worcester are warning residents about rogue roofers operating in the area.

Yesterday two people – a man and a woman – were arrested on suspicion of fraud after poor quality work was carried out at an address in Tolladine.

The man, aged 34 and woman, aged 33, remain in police custody.

Inspector Glenn Jones said: “Rogue traders and doorstep callers may do unnecessary work, or to a poor standard, or the price may rapidly increase. They may also use intimidating and aggressive behaviour to demand substantial amounts of cash for shoddy workmanship.

“We want residents to be on their guard and be aware there are individuals using unscrupulous behaviour to carry out substandard work. We would also ask the public to be neighbourly and look out for people may be vulnerable in their communities if they feel they can help.”

Police are advising residents not to open their doors to anyone cold calling offering repair work on their home. If in doubt, shut them out. For more information or to report rogue traders visit Contact the consumer helpline – Citizens Advice

Anyone who feels threatened and in danger, or if a crime is taking place, call 999.

Tips to remember:

·  do not buy goods or services from doorstep traders

·  do not open the door if you do not know the caller

·  do not let a stranger into your home

·  do display a warning card that you do not buy goods or services at the door

·  do use a door chain on both the front and back door

·  do check ID cards

·  do make a note of any vehicle details (the registration number, any business name, etc.)

·  do report suspicious callers to Trading Standards (the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline number is 0808 223 1133) or the Police on 101.

Be suspicious if you are told:

·  the work is urgent, and you need to act quickly

·  there are broken roof tiles, or a leaking gutter, etc. Take your time to get informed and seek the opinion of a reputable trader before making any decisions