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Illegal works – Dropped kerbs on the public highway

Worcestershire County Council has recently identified instances of unauthorised and illegal works on the Worcestershire Highway. These works were to install Vehicular Dropped Kerbs on the public footway outside of private properties. Initial enquiries suggest that there may be a larger problem countywide with tradesmen/contractors/companies falsely advertising that they are approved by Worcestershire County Council to undertake works on the Worcestershire Highway, thereby misleading the public into contracting them to undertake these illegal works.

Ringway Infrastructure Services (RIS) are the only contractor currently authorised by Worcestershire County Council to undertake this type of work on the Worcestershire Highway and residents must apply directly via our website (What is a Vehicular Dropped Kerb? | Worcestershire County Council) in order to request a dropped kerb. It is essential that this process is followed so that Worcestershire County Council can ensure the standard of the work undertaken, that safe working practices are adhered to and that works are only undertaken that meet Worcestershire County Council’s criteria. Illegal works on the Highway pose a risk to public safety and increases the financial burden on the council in order to make good sections of the highway network that are installed to an inferior and unsafe standard.

If you observe, suspect or are notified that works are being undertaken on the Worcestershire Highway that are not approved by Worcestershire County Council then please let them know as soon as possible either by submitting a report via their website (Tell us about a road, highway or travel route issue | Worcestershire County Council), emailing them at or by calling the Highways and Transport Control Centre on 01905 845 676.