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Have your say on timing of parish council elections

Worcester residents are being asked for their views on the timing of elections for the city’s two parish councils, Warndon and St Peter the Great.

Consideration is being given to moving the elections to coincide with those for Worcester City Council, which are changing from taking place in three years out of four to only happening once every four years from 2024.

Holding parish council elections on the same day as the City Council polls enables costs to be split proportionately between the different authorities.

The two parish councils have only recently held elections in May 2023, and the next are currently due in 2027.

Options in the consultation at www.worcester.gov.uk/voiceit include the parish councils going ahead with polls in 2027, but for all parish councillors to only serve a one-year term before more elections in 2028 and then every four years thereafter.

Other possibilities are for the parish councillors to have their terms extended by one year so that the next elections are in 2028, or for the 2027 polls to go ahead, followed by an election in 2032 and then every four years after that.

Shane Flynn, Returning Officer at Worcester City Council, said: “With the City Council moving to all-out elections every four years from 2024, the parish councils need to consider whether they should also move their own polls onto a similar timetable. I would encourage people who live in St Peter’s and Warndon Villages to have their say on any proposed changes at www.worcester.gov.uk/voiceit.”

Residents have until Sunday 17 September to give their views on the full range of possible changes at www.worcester.gov.uk/voiceit.