Brecon Avenue MUGA 2

Brecon Avenue MUGA Project

The contractors (HAGS) are back on site and the remaining posts have been delivered on schedule.

Brecon Avenue MUGA 2


The plan is for the tarmac surface to be laid next week – any day between Wednesday and Friday depending on progress of installation; the availability of the tarmac team and the weather, as the met office website is forecasting a possibility of snow next week.  Due to the access constraints of the location the tarmac will be delivered by lorry to Brecon Avenue and moved by hand using wheelbarrows to be laid on site.  The lorry will park on Brecon Avenue so it may create some minor inconvenience, but this will be for one day only. Once we have a confirmed date early next week I’ll go door to door and speak to the residents in that area to keep them advised of the situation.


Breon Avenue MUGA 1

At present the project is still on target for completion by Friday the 10th March, with the exception of the line markings. Please note that the contractors have advised that the tarmac needs to be down for a couple of weeks prior to the application of line markings to allow for the oils to come out of the tarmac. As the surrounding area is likely to be wet at times if we open it we run the risk of the surface having to be jet washed to remove any mud etc. and then allow it to dry before the line markings can be completed, adding further time and cost to the project. Therefore the plan is to keep the area closed off and secure (the contractors have confirmed there were no issues when they were off site for ten days earlier in the project) and open it fully on completion of the line markings, with all heras fencing etc. cleared from the site (by no later than Friday 31st March) as that will coincide with the Easter school holidays from Monday 3rd April to Friday 14th April.