What do I need to know about becomign a Councillor

Become a Councillor

Become a Councillor

Worcestershire County Association of Local Councils


If you are interested in becoming a Councillor a great place to start is your local Town or Parish Council. While some Councils may not have a vacancy immediately, and you may need to wait until there is a resignation or the next elections. Other Parish and Town Councils may have a casual vacancy which may need to be filled. If this is the case, you could be co-opted on to the Council.

The next full elections in the County for Town and Parish Council will take place in May 2023. (apart from Kidderminster Town Council which will take place in 2025)


We want to help people who are interested in becoming Councillors and/or helping in their community. Being a Councillor is a greaty way to give back to your community, enact change, help with projects in your community.

Worcestershire CALC held two successful events on becoming a Councillor. If you did not hear about it or weren’t able to come along, we recorded it and it’s now up on Youtube for you to look at whenever you want.


If you want more information on becoming a Councillor please visit: https://worcscalc.org.uk/information/become-a-councillor